New Exhibition Opened May 22nd!


The long-awaited exhibition, Tunnels, Toil and Trouble: New York City’s Quest for Water and the Rondout-Neversink Story opened May 22nd!

photo-M02Besides focusing on NYC’s different systems and the importance of the Rondout and Neversink watersheds, also included is “Would You Drink This Water?” illustrating the type of contaminants in early NYC water, “How Would You Feel?” delving into the lands taken and how local lives changed, and “Those Who Did the Dirty Work” about the men who built the tunnels and reservoirs.

Through photographs, artifacts, video, audio, computer programs and hands on activities, visitors will be immersed in the fascinating story of the water system’s development. They will “Spin the Wheel” of dirty water, listen to lost town residents talk about being forced to photo-M01move from their homes, touch rocks from hundreds of feet below the earth, play a “Beat the Clock” game and complete an aqueduct puzzle. They will even build their own dam (including sinking and covering caissons) and dig a real tunnel!

The exhibition spans the very beginnings of New York City history through the Clean Water Act and beyond. This more recent history of private residents, government and organizations working together to keep the water clean by creating programs for active watershed protection and environmentally sound economic development in the photo-M04watershed is another important part of the exhibition.

Designed to entertain and enlighten visitors of all ages and abilities, the exhibition is perfect for school classes, youth organizations and adult groups seeking to learn more about the water system and its impact on the local area.

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