Open Archives Days
Visitors can utilize research resources to learn about the history within the Town of Neversink and surrounding areas. Please go to the Events Calendar page for specific dates this event is held each month. The Local History Research Center is open on Thursdays, 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.
Educational and interactive guided tours of the Museum’s current exhibitions are available for groups of children and adults upon request.  Call 845 985-7700 for further information, fees and to schedule your tour.


My Town, A Coloring Book of History

My Town Cover Photograph This coloring book is written for children but adults enjoy it as well. This 29 page book introduces local history to all ages. The illustrations were done by local artists, namely, Elise Hornbeck, Linda Commando, Ann Higgins, Sandy Bernstein and Dan Smythe. The narration was written by Barbara Purcell, and the printing  done by the Ye Olde Tri Valley Townsman.



Old Time Fair
Attendees at the Old Time Fair take time each year to enjoy old-fashioned, country activities and learn more about local history and available exhibits and resources. This years Old Time Fair will be held on Saturday, July 27th from 11a.m. to 5 p.m.


Willowemoc History Kiosk

Willowemoc Kiosk Panel Photograph The Willowemoc History Kiosk was created for visitors to learn accurate facts about the Willowemoc area. The Time and the Valleys Museum and theTown of Neversink played a significant part in the creation of this kiosk. A list of Willowemoc events were used as the basis for the gathering and scanning of information.  The history captions were written by the historian and checked for accuracy both with local residents and available records.


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